Female in War (Lyrics, Parody)

Melody: “Hero of War”, Rise Against

He said bro
Have you seen this game?
You get to shoot guns
It’s in World War II
Just download online
And play it with me
I said that sounds really good

Black loading screen
The logo of DICE
A real-money store
But that is alright
Jumped into a game
Prepared for a fight
Then went I “What The Fuck?!”

A female in war
Is that what I see?
This is World War II
Are you kidding with me?
Who designed this game?
Some feminazi?
Is it too much to ask
For accuracy?

Though that was absurd
The game’s kinda dope
So I soldiered on
And I got my kills
Some pwnage of n00bs
In a village in France
And I’m back in command

We won our first match
They pissed in their pants
I told them they suck
But then She joined in
I heard how she talked
To her team over Voice
Again and again

A female in Voice
Is that what I hear?
No girls can play games
How dare you be here?
Now send me some nudes
Do you ignore me?
You feminazi

She walked
Through bullets and haze
I asked to see boobs
I loled at her gear
But she pressed on
Then she lifted her gun
And she fired away

And the shells
Filled up my view
Gone was my health
My screen was all red
I collapsed
But she still didn’t stop
She tea bagged my corpse

A girl in my game
Just defeated me
Embarrassment for
The whole world to see
I have to admit
She knew how to play
I might say “FUCK OFF”
But I want her to stay…

He said bro
Have you seen this game?
You get to shoot guns
It’s in World War II…