En gång för länge sedan, i ett kungarike långt bortom havet, bodde en konung i ett stort slott. Han var gammal och skulle snart dö, och då hans dotter och två söner alla var födda på samma dag var det inte lönt att med åldern avgöra vem som skulle bli […]

Prinsessan och draken (Short Story, Swedish)

https://store.steampowered.com/app/452120/Midvinter/ In this cozy little point-and-click fairy-tale, you are a gnome on an abandoned farm. When you realize that humans have come to live there once more, you find yourself useful again – but also that you might have to work harder than ever to keep them safe from the […]

Midvinter (Story Game)

https://store.steampowered.com/app/840290/Pendula_Swing_Episode_1__Tired_and_Retired/ Pendula Swing is an episodic adventure game inspired by TV series, set in a Fantasy version of the American Roaring 20s. Season 1’s protagonist is Brialynne, a once famous dwarven hero who is forced to return to a world she no longer recognizes. Strange music, a completely new fashion, fast […]

Pendula Swing (Story Game)

That sign over the door is still the same as the first time I went here. Can’t believe it’s been three years. No, four! Four years sober in February. All thanks to Jake. Fuck! Hell! Shit, that’s slippery. We should spread some gravel before people start arriving, so no one […]

There Goes My Hero (Short Story)

Dandelion There was this one time I saw a dandelion Pressing up through the dirt So brave Between our two trenches As if there was a future  

Dandelion (Poem)

I wrote this poem for my Role-playing character Eridan, to send as a token of affection to the man he loves. The seal of Eridan’s noble family is a white horse, his own knightly coat of arms is a black tower. His love’s family crest features a red fox. They started off as rivals, but […]

Once Upon a Summer Night (Poem)

Originally posted here.   Since I’m pretty certain I won’t last the night, I thought I should scribble down some final thoughts before I go. Maybe they can help preventing this from happening again. If nothing else, it’ll distract me from the thought of dying alone in an abandoned ice […]

The Curfew (Short Story)

Originally posted here. Note that this is a work of dystopic fiction, and nothing else. As the head of the Historical Department, Mialencia knew the history of Nova Matriam more than well. It had been several centuries since humankind had replaced reproduction through bodily contact with cloning, and therefore just […]

The Meek One (Short Story)

Originally written in February 2015 It was late November, and the rain was beating heavily against the outside of my office windows. My coat had created a puddle of water below the hanger by the door, and I had for once removed my hat to keep it from doing the […]

The Inquiry (Short Story)