A Lovely Feast Spinach green and Berries red Make from wheat a Loaf of bread Cream and butter, Salt and oil Beans and lentils, Eggs to boil Leeks and onions, Garlic, peas Add to that a Yellow cheese Puddings, pastries, Custard, pie Chestnuts, almonds, Chips to fry Jam and biscuit, Apple, […]

A Lovely Feast (Poem)

Dandelion There was this one time I saw a dandelion Pressing up through the dirt So brave Between our two trenches As if there was a future  

Dandelion (Poem)

I wrote this poem for my Role-playing character Eridan, to send as a token of affection to the man he loves. The seal of Eridan’s noble family is a white horse, his own knightly coat of arms is a black tower. His love’s family crest features a red fox. They started off as rivals, but […]

Once Upon a Summer Night (Poem)