Content: This post deals with food and nutrition. Also, it’s written from the perspective of an able-bodied, adult woman in Stockholm. It’s one person’s views and opinions. I do know that I have a lot of privilege, and experiences that aren’t necessarily typical. Either way, I want to share my […]

10 years without meat

Ibland höjs röster som menar att Sverige är på väg ned i avloppet. Att allt är hemskt och på väg att bli ännu värre, och att vi med internationella mått borde skämmas. Märkligt, tycker jag, för det stämmer inte alls överens med min världsbild. Jag har därför sammanställt lite fakta […]

Sverige är ganska okej ändå

As mentioned in my post about making a Norman kite shield, my grandfather was a bit of a horder when it came to certain things. This is why my father found a roll of thick leather last year, and asked me if I wanted it. Since I’m kind of a hippie, […]

Making Leather Armor

Over the past few years, I have been putting together an armor based on what a Norman soldier would have worn at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. One of the essential parts of this project was creating a shield. This is how I, with the invaluable help of my […]

Making a Norman Kite Shield

Originally posted on Gamasutra. Introduction Stop me if you’ve heard this one – a lone wolf with severe emotional issues saves the day and/or avenges a loved one by using a lot of violence. How many times since games became digital have we experienced that story? How many times have […]

Writing Diverse Characters: A Practical Guide

Originally posted on Gamasutra. Introduction It seems like some game character designers, not having to deal with physical items or the dangers of real battle, don’t quite grasp some of the basics of functional armor design. Therefore, I present you with this is a crash course. If you have any […]

Armor for Dummies and/or Game Developers

Originally posted on Gamasutra. Introduction I recently had the opportunity to share some tips and tricks with game development students at both Stockholm University and the Swedish Game Awards Conference – and since I don’t seem to have made too big a fool of myself, I thought I should share […]

The Game Developer’s Toolbox (for Students)

Originally posted on Gamasutra. QA is extremely important. Those are not my words. That’s a quote from a session at GDC this year, and it’s something I have not heard anyone disagree with. Ever. So then why is Quality Assurance considered just a stepping stone into the rest of the […]

The Respect QA Deserves, or Finding the Right People and ...