Melodi: Barret’s Privateers Det var året tjugo-tjugo då Som jag längtar mig bort till Visby nu Det spreds en pest i stad och land Vi fick inte längre ta i hand Förbanne mig Planen var ju mantlar ner vid Kärleksporten Med sång och spel Öl och mjöd Nu är jag […]

Sorgesång till Medeltidsveckan (Lyrics, Swedish)

Melody: John legend – All of Me What should I do on this island now? I got a tent and I’m stepping on out I got some Bells, spending Them all on seeds for the ground What’s going on Inside Isabelle’s mind? Urging me on, on this mystery ride Now […]

I Alone, Built All of This (Lyrics, Parody)

The broad man looked like he wanted to slam his fist through the wall.  “I shouldn’t be here,” he roared, his white beard trembling. With a sigh, Valerie put down the fountain pen beside her notepad and the open case file.  “Torbjörn,” she said, “we have gone through this a […]

A Case of Unrest (Short Story)

Version 2.0 Melody: Shallow  Tell me something, goose Are you trying to untie my shoes? That’s our radio! Why won’t you just let the carrots grow? I’m falling In our village I find myself Looking for things And in the phonebooth I hide myself Tell me something, boy Aren’t you […]

Idyllic (Lyrics, Parody)

You hurry onto the subway train, and to your relief find a vacant double seat. Though the car is packed, no one sits down beside you. A slowly spreading smell offers an explanation. You look around, scanning the passengers and walls. Where does it come from? You spring to your feet as […]

21st Century Horror Story (Short story)

Melody: “Hero of War”, Rise Against He said bro Have you seen this game? You get to shoot guns It’s in World War II Just download online And play it with me I said that sounds really good Black loading screen The logo of DICE A real-money store But that is […]

Female in War (Lyrics, Parody)

Once upon a time, there was a princess, who wasn’t very happy with being a princess at all. She hated her dresses and tiaras, and all the silly little shoes her mother, the queen, made her wear. One day, the princess came across a cottage in the forest, in which […]

The Princess, the Frog, and the Prince (Short Story)

Hundra sjömän Det var ett stort och mäktigt skepp På Söderhavets våg Där just etthundra sjömän slet med Segel, bom och tåg Så dök där upp den största val Som skådats på vår jord En sjöman blev så väldigt paff Att han föll över bord   La lajdilaj da lajdi […]

Hundra sjömän (Lyrics, Swedish)

A Lovely Feast Spinach green and Berries red Make from wheat a Loaf of bread Cream and butter, Salt and oil Beans and lentils, Eggs to boil Leeks and onions, Garlic, peas Add to that a Yellow cheese Puddings, pastries, Custard, pie Chestnuts, almonds, Chips to fry Jam and biscuit, Apple, […]

A Lovely Feast (Poem)