Once Upon a Summer Night (Poem)

I wrote this poem for my Role-playing character Eridan, to send as a token of affection to the man he loves. The seal of Eridan’s noble family is a white horse, his own knightly coat of arms is a black tower. His love’s family crest features a red fox. They started off as rivals, but found out there could be something more going on between them. However, they are currently not allowed to be together.

Once Upon a Summer Night 
Once upon a summer night
A lonely horse did dance
His mane was golden, coat was white
And mighty was his prance

But then he stopped in wonder for
Before him stood a fox
With fur so red like none before
And strength to shatter rocks

They looked each other up and down
Measuring their might
And with a growl and with a frown
Prepared themselves for fight

But then they both did look anew
Upon their counterpart
And into horse and fox there flew
A wonder, like a dart

Because a beauty such as theirs
Was precious hard to find
And as they now exchanged their stares
No doubt was there in mind

Had hoof and paw been hand and hand
They would have held them tight
Their games like waves upon the sand
A truly wondrous sight

And so they skylarked, side by side
But time was running low
The silver moon prepared to hide
The sun was soon to glow

For though the horse was out to roam
His freedom was finite
A castle was the horse’s home
His master was a knight

So back towards its black stone wall
The steed had to return
While from behind he heard a call
Filled both with love and yearn

Although he tried to push aside
The mem’ry of his friend
From what he felt he could not hide
His heart would never mend

And so he swore onto the moon
That they would meet once more
Some evening, yes, an evening soon
And then forevermore