There Goes My Hero (Short Story)

That sign over the door is still the same as the first time I went here. Can’t believe it’s been three years. No, four! Four years sober in February. All thanks to Jake.

Fuck! Hell!

Shit, that’s slippery. We should spread some gravel before people start arriving, so no one falls and breaks a leg or something.

Hope the holiday’s been good to him. He was so down and tired in December, never seen him like that. I know he didn’t want to close the center even for a week but come on, how could he have helped anyone like that?

Door’s locked. Guess he’s not here yet.

Where are my keys? Right, front pocket. Why do I keep forgetting where I put them?

Urgh, we really need to oil those hinges.

That breakup with Emma really crushed him. Robbie coming down for the holidays probably lifted his spirit though.


No answer.

What did I expect? Door was locked, dumbass.

Beanie, scarf, jacket on the hanger. Jeez, my boots are dragging in a lot of snow.

Right, I should brew some coffee for when he gets here. Kitchen…

What’s that smell? Ah fuck, we forgot to empty the waste bin. Whatever, I’ll take care of it before people show up.

Where are the filters? Oh yeah, we put them in the drawer. And that’s the ground coffee… Measure… Jake likes it strong, I’ll put in one extra. Water… There we go. And on.

Wonder when he’ll be here. First session isn’t until three though, no rush.

So quiet. Maybe some music. Speaker, on. Phone, bluetooth. And… Yeah this one. Play.


Air guitar!

Beow-beow-ow wooow, beow-beow-ow wooow…

That concert was awesome last year. Can’t believe we made it all the way to the front. Jake’s a complete madman.

Theeeere goooes my heroooo

Watch him as he goooes!

Fucking love this song.

Looking forward to seeing him in action again today. Saving people the way he saved me. And himself, for that matter.

Wait, what happened to-… Right, that’s my phone ringing. Jake’s calling.

Hey Jake, what’s up?

Tommy… It’s me.


I thought they broke up.

It’s Jake. He’s… He’s… He’s dead.




What do you mean?

He relapsed. Overdose.


Not Jake.