Making Leather Armor

As mentioned in my post about making a Norman kite shield, my grandfather was a bit of a horder when it came to certain things. This is why my father found a roll of thick leather last year, and asked me if I wanted it. Since I’m kind of a hippie, I generally avoid leather. However, I thought I might as well make something with the remains of this poor old cow, rather than let it go to waste.

The question was: What should I do with approximately a square meter of 3-4 mm thick leather?

The answer, obviously, was armor!

Now, leather armor has existed historically – lamellar being one example – but it’s never been anywhere close to as popular as movies and video games would have you believe. There’s an obvious reason: Linen gambesons are superior in more or less every way. Despite this, I wanted to make a leather harness. Because it’s cool.

So yeah, this is purely fantasy, and primarily intended for LARP. I played a character in the summer of 2017, Bera Dagdottr, who I liked very much. However, for future adventures I want to turn her into something like a ranger rather than the fighter she was perceived as when wearing mail. Leather armor, I thought, would fit her very well.